A five headed snake found in Bangalore

The five headed snake was said to be found in Bangalore. Later on many reports are roaming around insisting the presence of these kind of snakes in karnataka.Many have witnessed it in kukke subramanya temple and in bangalore cantonment.

These pictures should have been taken in the cantonment.
No wonder that the debates about the existence of this creature and the interviews with the witnessed were telecasted in some reality shows in renowned TVs.

These kind of creatures are called as polycephalic animals.The term is derived from the stems poly- meaning 'many' and kephal- meaning "head".
A variation is an animal born with two faces on a single head, a condition known as diprosopus. In medical terms these are all congenital cephalic disorders.
Its not only seen in snakes but in other creatures as well and could be seen in most of the museum sleeping in formaldehyde. The instance of these creatures have historical appearances in epics and very rare to find and if found makes the hot news in its locality.


  1. Even i have seen this being telecasted in one of the TV shows.

  2. Not true I have read many of snake books and never herd of a 7 or 5 headed snake I think they watch to many movies lol I will do more research on it but I don't think it's true I think there trip in on some good stuff seeing that many heads lol