Babri Masjid - Ayodhya

Babur Masji
Ayodhya a place in Uttar Pradesh has a great political, historical and religious importance. It has been a place of holiness for both the hindu and muslim religious groups in India. The reports says that the religious dispute began alleging that the Babri masjid was constructed on the Ram Janmabhumi (Birth place of Ram) demolishing the Ram temple over there in the 15nth century.

After many occasional riots triggered by the Hindu lovers and politicians. It again broke out into a riot on Dec 6, 1992 claiming
thousands of life all over India, As a provoked thousands of hindu
religious grouped members demolished Babri masjid.And the tragic still continues.


Carbon Dates

In 1527 Babur, The moghul Empire defeated the ruling Hindu King and left his general Mir Banki incharge of that viceroy and ordered him to built a mosque there as a center point of their kingdom in 1528 but then they moved to Delhi. Its been believed that a mosque was erected demolishing Ram temple.

In 1853 During British period, following first communal riot on this dispute,the Englishmen ordered to raise a platform outside the fence of the mosque where the hindus offered their prayers, which stood for almost 90 years leaving both the groups in peace but nothing could set off the growling fire among the hindus.

In 1949 december, A group of crooks placed ram idols inside the babri masjid leading to a severe communal riot. Then on the gates of the mosque were locked and it has been declared as a disputed area.

1986 the Faizabad judge declared that the gates should be opened and allowed Hindus to worship their god forbidding the Muslims. Then the Hindus petitioned, rallied led by Advani persisting that the structure doesn’t suits their religious gods and should be rebuilt as a temple.

In 1992 what was said to be a well planned move, brought thousands of Hindu activists across India damaged the mosque which led to a greater communal riot killing thousands of innocents.

The government ordered Liberhan commissions to probe on this issue.

In 2002 Feb 27, Infamous Gujarat massacre started as 58 people were killed in Godhra, in an attack on a train believed to be carrying Hindu volunteers from Ayodhya. Riots followed in the state and over 1000 innocents were killed.

What has happened is history, It has been the habit of almost all the emperors /countries to insult the sentiments of the countrymen whom they defeat and took the command. They tortured by all means of demolishing the religious pilgrim/statues, molesting the women and child, capturing the war victims as slaves. Babur was no exceptional, he did the same as he was a different countryman by birth.

But We are no more a monarchy. We are the largest democratic country in the world. Both the British and infectious Indian politicians have played us well to keep themselves in rule. Enough, We have been slaved by both the british and this bloody religion over hundreds of years. Let the case on Babri masjid be put hold forever we don’t want anything that adds oil to the fumes. Killing innocents will not be tolerated anymore. We are no more prey for political desires, We are no more scapegoats of religious prayers. Come on, Come out of this religious bound and let the world call us a secular India.

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